Friday, January 16, 2009

Did I say All is Well.....Spoke too soon!!

No this is not my actual kitchen, but wading around in the water is very similar, just when I thought heating and water was sorted, the pipes in the gite kitchen burst due to the freezing weather we have had recently. So there I was with a friend who came to my rescue mop and buckets at the ready. Well I can say the floors are lovely and clean.


Dawn said...

Oh Jules, so sorry to hear about the flood. How awful for you. A really horrid job to clear up and dry out. Glad to hear you had a friend to help.

lynnie said...

well jules if i lived round the corner i'd give you hand !..we are sweltering in the high 30's and a swimming pool in the house would be nice right now..hope it's not too awful ..hugs lynnie

Anonymous said...

oh hun, shall i come and visit and help......xxt

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