Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Friends

I have a new friend living in my garden, we have a small piece of forest and he roams around there but at night he has been sleeping on the daybed in our summer kitchen. I know the picture is not the best but you can just see him peeking through the plants, my very own fox.

This week we finally moved into the barn, there is still lots of work to do but we felt enough had been done for us to be comfortable whilst we finish the work around us. WRONG!! Day one hot water packed up, day two ecofire in the kitchen packed up, day three friends arrive and help us move another fire from the gite into the kitchen, we spend allday fitting a new flue for it only to find it doesn't work on day four. Day five we take the godin that was intended for the gite and fix it up on the mezzanine instant new friend, so toasty I love it. Day 6 we finally find a supplier for the part that is broken on the ecofire. Day 7 all is well and more importantly WARM!!


Dawn said...

Hi Jules
Lovely to hear from you this morning and then I noticed you had posted too. Love the fox, lucky old you. Hope you dont have any chickens. lol
Feel for you with the heating problems. It has been bitter cold here the last couple of weeks and the snow has only just gone today. We ran out of oil last week, and they were so busy could not deliver until Friday so two days of shivering and piling on the clothes. It was horrid. Things getting back to normal now thank goodness. Roll on Spring!!

lynnie said...

beware the big bad fox.. if you have chooks or lambs please be careful they are cruel manic hunters i am speaking from experience..i just wish they were as cute as they look but you were extremely privileged to see him..lynnie

lynnie said...

hi jules i am a great follower of your wonderful blog i would love to have a home in france one day .i live not to far from your sister about 20 kms it is a small world ...lynnie

charlie said...

Lovely fox! My dad has tamed one at home in the UK. It sits outside the front door every night waiting for dinner leftovers.

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