Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There's a Stranger in Town

There we wer minding our own business driving back from Charleighs horseriding lesson when around the corner were these two guys. We usually play a game and try and guess how many deers or boars we will see on the way home, so imagine our surprise when we spotted these. These sort of animals don't normally roam our countryside, the circus folk were held up in a small village for the week and these two were taking full advantage of their new found freedom!!


Richard W said...

Looks like it's been a bit windy Julie. You guys OK?
Looking forward to joining you in Burgundy.
Lost your email address (Caroline has it but is away working) so can you email me with yours? Mine is richard@rcwilliams.eu.

Love to all.


lynnie said...

what a pair of horns on these two cows??we just get the odd kangaroo family early on a morning reminding us that we really are in australia!! love lynnie

Tracy x said...

what fine looking horned beasts!!!
they would have made me stop in my tracks too!
t x

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