Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wacky Races

Nothing surprises me anymore, here I am in a village miles from anywhere, minding my own business when my peace is interrupted. I was awoken by what I thought were boy racers screeching through our village at some ungodly hour. I lookes at the clock, 2 o'clock in the morning!! so I get up and look out of the window to my surprise racing through our village were all manor of different racing cars with their big bold numbers on the sides. I can tell you although it woke me at silly o'clock I breathed a sigh of relief that hooligans hadn't arrived in my sleepy corner of the world. This was one of the main reasons we left our pretty little cottage in england late night noise and problems. So I smiled to myself, pulled on my dressing gown and went downstairs for a cuppa, there was no point trying to sleep with all this going on. So I ended up on the sofa watching early hours tv until I drifted back off to sleep. I can't help thinking what a shame it wasn't during the day we could have cheered them all on as they went by. Oh well back to normal today, you never know something else exciting might happen today, the last event here that caused even a slight stir was our neighbours cows escaped and we watched with amusement as he tried to round them up in the pouring rain. I know you are all probably thinking I am having far too much fun out here in france but hey the quiet times here are the best.


cd&m said...

Oh as long as it was only Penelope Pitstop and Muttley all is well.

Rubyred said...

Hi Jules,thankyou for popping by my blog,it's always lovely to hear from new people.I have just had a relaxing half hour reading your posts.How lucky to be able to collect walnuts for free!Love your bargain finds too!

Mary said...

Good jo my husband wasnt there he would have probably joined in

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jules, thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday, I keep poppin in to see what progress you've made!
best wishes,
Lucy x

Dawn said...

Hi Jules
Loved your account of Whacky races. lol
Lovely to hear from you, yes at last got back to updating blog again. Where does the time go to?
How is the renovation coming along, are you nearly there?

Take care
luv Dawn

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jules, yes, there are some lovely places in England, but I would still rather be living where you are! Hope the renovations are coming along well, can't wait to see more pics.
best wishes,
Lucy x

Mary said...

Hi Hope you OK as not heard from you.I am going to see how the works going now Keep weel Mary

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