Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Before and After

This sorry specimen was in a friend's barn and when they decided to move house they were going to throw it away, wait I said that would look nice in my new bathroom and so it became mine. Much to their relief I'm sure. I think they thought I was mad and for those of you that know me, they are probably right. Anyway it arrived at our barn here in France and it looked no better then when I first spied it. The rest of the bathroom here in the barn is made of reclaimed this and thats apart from the loo, which we brought new.

Well look at me now, a quick rub down and a few coats of paint and I'm ready to join my new friends in the bathroom. My friends were quite shocked when they saw the results, so now I've got the bug and anything rusty and cast aside should watch out as I could just be round the corner lurking with my paints and brushes.


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jules, what a fantastic job you did on that stove. Glad you came to my blog as I have found yours, will be avidly following your progress from now on.
good luck with my giveaway,
Lucy x

Mary said...

That looks fab show us some pics of the renovations when you have time

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Jules,
What a great job you've done!did it take hours?Best wishes to you over there in France, Annie x

Anonymous said...

What a transformation! Well done.

Brenda said...

Oh that's a great job, you'd hardly think it was the same piece. I found you blog via Miles Away In France, glad to see the pioneering spirit is still alive and well!


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