Monday, March 10, 2008

The Gang

Meet my gang, we are about a dozen strong and have been thrown together by circumstance. We have all taken the plunge and moved our families from England for a better life here in Burgundy, our group grows and shrinks with various people coming and going throughout the year. Most of us live here permantly but a couple of us travel to and fro for high days and holidays. Tony and Racheal have been our friends the longest and Tony has helped so much with our renovation running hundreds of barrows of cement , scaling the roof in zero temperatures, lifting things with Paul that I couldn't even begin to move, his wife Racheal is known to some of you as a fellow blogger you can visit her over at writes a brilliant blog and don't forget to visit her etsy shop she makes some lovely things. Sue and Barry are renovating a very pretty french cottage with the help of their son, Barry remains in England most of the time running the business and Sue stays here with her son overseeing the project, I can't wait for her to be here full-time, we hit it off as soon as we met and have become firm friends. Paul and Julie run an estate agency here selling all you lovely people over there in England a slice of the dream here in Burgundy their website is So if you are feeling the urge to upsticks give them a call and they will be able to help you. Greg and Louise are my maddest friends they both have huge personalities and even huger hearts, they are always at the end of the phone when you need help and nothing is to much bother, true friends. I couldn't have chosen a better group of friends if I had tried, I think the bond is that all our goals are similar, our problems are very much the same so we all no how each other are feeling. Moving away and starting a completely new life is exciting but there are always downs as well as ups and as we are all in the same boat we seem to hit it off very well. We get together every so often for various events, this Saturday we had a fondu, in the past we have had curry nights, quiz nights a pink party and several BBq's all these functions are a welcome break from renovating and it gives us all a chance to let our hair down and relax. So that is my gang, there is nothing like good friends


Dawn said...

Hi Jules
Sounds like you and all your gang have a lot of fun inbetween the hard work. Not many English our way, but we have a few friends albeit not in our village. I hope you all survive the storm. We seem to have seen the worst of it and survived. I think it was less powerful down here but worst back in Hampshire where my daughter is.Guess we had to expect a bit of bad weather after all that Spring sunshine. lol
Take care
luv Dawn x

Jane said...

Hi Jules,Thank you for your comment on my blog. Its lovely to meet you. i often read cupcakes at home and have also visited Miles away in France too. I admire you for moving to France, we have family in Paris so we come over for a visit and have toyed with the idea of living in France. But Tony's work is very definately based in London at the moment. look forward to reading more of your French adventures. Jane x

cd&m said...

You are very lucky to have found a community with such like minded people it must make living in another land so much easier.
Re. the storm it seems to have passed us by, not that I'm complaining and of course there is another lot on it's way but fingers crossed..

Miles Away In France said...

Hey, I seem to be hiding in that photo! still that's probably not a bad thing lol.

We had a lovely evening, really enjoyed ourselves and I echo everything you have said in this post.

See you soon
Racheal x

Mary said...

no there is nothing like good friends Hope you all have a wonderful Easter

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jules, hope you and your gang all have a lovely Easter,
best wishes,
Lucy x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jules, yes I was thinking maybe butterflies and flowers for the twig tree, mind you, might be quite a while before I get around to it, so much to do, so little time - you know how it is!
Lucy ;)

Lucy Bloom said...

HI Jules, just been looking at progress on your other site, it's going to be a fantastic place, your are soooo lucky! And I'll bet you'll have masses of space for shelves of nic-nacs, it'll be such fun when you finally get to put them out.
Lucy x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jules, yes, I always think barges should be covered in painted flowers, but they rarely are. Be sure and show your vintage french finds, I'm sure I'll be green with envy!
Have a great weekend,
Lucy x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jules, yes having a successful rummage does put me on a bit of a high, then I get right back down to earth when I get home and find I've got nowhere to put it all! Hope all is well with you.
Lucy x

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