Saturday, October 11, 2008


More Tea News Help!! my tea obsession is evolving into the collecting of tea tins, as if I don't have enough to do here in renovation hell. I have started collecting tins for tea, I had a few that I actually use for my various flavours but today I went to the annual sale at our charity warehouse and found myself drawn to these little chaps. Maybe because the inscription on them was english "Liptons and Twinings" and I'm feeling a little homesick or maybe I'm turning into one of those collector types!!!!!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Jules, when I found my latest things in the charity shop there was a lovely Ringtons Tea tin, but they were asking £8.oo which I thought was a little dear, but now Im thinking I maybe should have bought it. Its a 100 mile trip there and back so wouldnt be worth the cost of travel to go back for it. The strawberries were yummy! X

jules said...

I was really lucky with these two tins, they were 1 euro for the two. I don't think they are of any historical relevance but I like them so for 1 euro it would have been rude not to have them!! I miss the charity shops and boot fairs in Angleterre, they have vide greniers here which loosely translated menas empty attic, but they are only once a year and can be tres, tres expensive. Glad you enjoyed your strawberries

love jules xx

Thina said...

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