Monday, September 29, 2008


Those of you who know me know about my obsession for tea, I have cut down but the cravings still raise their heads every so often. Yesterday was one of those moments, we had been working hard putting up gates, fences etc normal sunday I hear you say!! It was very warm and time for a break so mug in hand I sat on our wall with my legs a dangling watching the girls(cows) in the field that is next to my garden munching their way through miles of grass. I couldn't decide whether one in particular was just fat and greedy or maybe there will be the not so tiny patter of feet in the meadow before too long. I will keep you posted on that one. Since we have moved here September and October have always been glorious but this year so far not the case, but this weekend the weather redeemed itself and we made the most of it by working outside trying to get the building site in some order. Teabreak over, I turn around from my wonderful view and OH NO its all still there, piles of bricks and sand waiting to be put into some kind of structure, nice while it lasted!!


Louise said...

I love cows. You must introduce me sometime. x x

Anonymous said...

Just put your feet up and have a cuppa!!!!!! bricks will still be there for another time...

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I agree with what lovely to say!
Try not to overdue it too much!
Debbie Moss

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Jules,
I'm so happy to of brought you back happy memories. Lovely to hear from you sweetie.
Take care,
Catherine x

Petticoat Lane said...

Hope you enjoyed that cup of tea! Thanks for stopping by my blog, lovely to hear from you over in France.
Jane. x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Jules

Lovely to meet you - thanks for visiting. Such a shame those bricks didn't shift themselves while your back was turned.

What a fabulous part of France you've made your home. Shall return often to read of your exploits. Love what you did with the woodburner/stove.

Sue x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Jules thanks so much for popping by. How wonderful to live in France. I would love to live there one day. I had a look at the china and it is called Elizabethan - Queens Rose and made in England. It is really pretty. Mandy X
P.S. Do let us know whether it is the patter of tiny hooves or just too much grass! Hee Hee!

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