Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

The sun is shining, is this summer? I took the photos of the roses on Monday when the weather was absolutely baking. At last something that resembles a summers day, it has been very poor here in burgundy this summer, although most of my time has been inside this year with the renovation it is nice to look out and see a blue sky while I'm sweeping up my hundreth black sack of wood shavings etc. Well what a difference, to day I have woken to dark skies, pouring rain and a chilly nip in the air and the family wellies lined up yet again. Reading some of your blogs it seems that I am not alone in my four season week, all across england and europe everyone seems to be having similar problems. Oh well musn't complain I have been informed by he who thinks he must be obeyed that we are putting up the bathroom ceiling today so it will not matter what the weather does.

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Mary said...

Its a grey day here too. Not quite raining but looks like it. I've decided a good day for weeding oh and blogging

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