Monday, August 27, 2007

Things in common

I am going to fill these old enamel pots with flowers

just a few of the things I have collected since arriving in france

I have spent nearly all weekend browsing the many lovely blogs out there, I just didn't realise how many people took the time to share with others things that are important to them. I enjoyed looking at all the things you have found whilst rummaging around charity shops and antique fairs and it made me realise how much we all have in common. I too love a bargain, and nothing gives me more pleasure than coming across an old piece of china that I then convince myself I will find a use for. I also see that many of you love home magazines, my biggest indulgence I must admit that and books, sometimes never even read just looked at and loved all the same. I have included a few pics of things I have come across since moving to france and hopefully I will find many more in the future even if I run out of space.


sally's chateau said...

Hi Jules, Thanks for popping by, how funny that we both posted pics of the weary looking sunflowers, haven't had time to pop into the renovation blog but will ..... phew been there, good luck

Mary said...

Just found your blog I have about 12 of those enamel pots and they look great with flowers growing in them Have a look at my blog and you will find some photos on older posts.I am going to try to grow garlic in some next. I love France and have a brother living in Loire.

Mary said...

Sorry me again. Do you know these pots were used as containers for the fluid used to give enemas? Not the business end if you know what I mean My brother uses one to drain cutlery in after washing up!!

Miles Away In France said...

Hey there, get you, well done.
Racheal x

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