Tuesday, January 17, 2012


After what seems an age we are finally approaching the finish line with the renovation of our huge cowshed into our home and the Gite for some well earned income. However since we decided that we are going to let out this year, the list of jobs seems to have doubled, what seemed to be a small list of snagging jobs has grown. I think a snippet of paranoia has set in as every corner I turn seems to present me with another job. Oh well a larger piece of paper and more ink in the pen this list just got bigger.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I hate the old line I told you so but we deserve it this time, an offer that was just to good to be true and we jumped feet first into a situation that really is a bit of a nightmare. Sparing you all the details, needless to say we should have stayed put. Our little corner of rural France seems ever so inviting right at this moment in time. So after a whirlwind 7 months around the monopoly board of the southeast we can here the sound of silence in our little village calling us. So watch this space, we need to pass go collect our £200 and stay out of jail, next stop Burgundy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vide Grenier

Its been a busy week making the most of the good weather planting veggie seeds for a bumper crop later in the summer, well I hope so!! Yesterday afternoon I planted two tomato plants in a small bed outside the back door, this morning they have been eaten right down to the stalk?? any clues bloggers. On a lighter note our village are holding another vide grenier, boot fair to all my anglais bloggers. I have been rummaging around to get some things together for a stall. Whilst it is nice to make some pennies it is seen much more as a social gathering so here is hoping for the sun to last until the weekend. I will post some piccies next week.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


how do I stop the anonymous comments on my blog, they are so annoying and usually utter rubbish. Can any of you help?

Monday, February 1, 2010

No More Pets

My pet duck George died yesterday, we were all sad as we had got used to him strutting around as if he owned the place. More worrying is that this leaves little Mildred, his partner alone. We have a neighbour who has several hens, ducks and turkeys so we may let her go and live with them so that she has some company. We were planning on getting some hens but maybe we will give it a miss.

Monday, December 21, 2009


So off to England he who thinks he should be obeyed went. A list in hand of all the goodies I can't get here in my beloved corner of rural france. Cheddar cheese, bacon, quality street the list is really quite endless. First came the snow, then freezing ice made the roads so dangerous, then the water pump on the van, enough you would think for one simple trip. NO then along comes mister eurotunnel and puts his twopenneth in. Your train is cancelled we have nothing til wednesday, turn up at silly oclock in the morning and hopefully we will be running a service. Oh well the 2 chicken portions I have in the freezer are looking decidely like christmas dinner for me and charleigh, good job I don't have a liking for duck as my miserable barbary duck george would fill my oven nicely. Only joking George you are safe to live out your days with mildred in my wood at the bottom of the garden. Well thats my moan for this year. Merry Christmas Bloggers and A happy new year

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A French Day Out

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take part in our villages annual Vide Grenier, to those of you who don't speak french Boot Fair. We loaded at some ungodly hour and made the 2 minute trip to the village square. Thinking to ourselves surely no one will be there at this time, we turned the corner and there were our friends and neighbours already setup and raring to go!! So we took up position in the shade as the weather forecast was SUN, SUN, SUN. After a slow start people began to buy word soon got round that the crazy english couple that took on the old house no one else wanted were selling english china and other across the water goodies. At lunchtime most of the stallholders abandoned their tables and stood in the shade of the makeshift bar. We gave this a miss and in true brit style made a pot of tea(much to their amusement). At 6 in the evening the thunder clouds rolled in and that was our excuse to leave, a brilliant day was had and a few euros in the pot as well

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