Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vide Grenier

Its been a busy week making the most of the good weather planting veggie seeds for a bumper crop later in the summer, well I hope so!! Yesterday afternoon I planted two tomato plants in a small bed outside the back door, this morning they have been eaten right down to the stalk?? any clues bloggers. On a lighter note our village are holding another vide grenier, boot fair to all my anglais bloggers. I have been rummaging around to get some things together for a stall. Whilst it is nice to make some pennies it is seen much more as a social gathering so here is hoping for the sun to last until the weekend. I will post some piccies next week.


lynnie said...

hey there..welcome back ...nice to see you to see you nice...please post the promised pics the ripple is nearly finished...

mollycupcakes said...

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog honey, it's lovely to hear from you.
Good luck with the stall.
I bet those slugs have been at the Toms. Or snails.
Cover them up over night if you can or leave out a beer trap.

Catherine x

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van extraordinaire! said...

Well, I shant be annoymous! We are in the Gers and I empathise with all you say! We have rennovated and finished, apart from odd things that keep occuring! We now go all round France and Europe as much as possible in a motor home to enjoy the whole! We had our Vide Sunday. I havent worked out how to get anyone to my blog yet unless they are on gmail. The trouble is I am OLD so all this new techie stuff I struggle with. Computer yes, I manage fine but this blogging, well. I like your site. Keep enjoying. Regards Jane.

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