Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A French Day Out

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take part in our villages annual Vide Grenier, to those of you who don't speak french Boot Fair. We loaded at some ungodly hour and made the 2 minute trip to the village square. Thinking to ourselves surely no one will be there at this time, we turned the corner and there were our friends and neighbours already setup and raring to go!! So we took up position in the shade as the weather forecast was SUN, SUN, SUN. After a slow start people began to buy word soon got round that the crazy english couple that took on the old house no one else wanted were selling english china and other across the water goodies. At lunchtime most of the stallholders abandoned their tables and stood in the shade of the makeshift bar. We gave this a miss and in true brit style made a pot of tea(much to their amusement). At 6 in the evening the thunder clouds rolled in and that was our excuse to leave, a brilliant day was had and a few euros in the pot as well


Gypsy Butterfly said...

WOW! It must be hot in France right now!
It's nice to see you back!
Have a nice evening and keep cool.

lou said...

Hi, it’s funny how most people laugh at us British! Thank you for entering my giveaway…your memories were sad, but very lovely.

Have a lovely day love Lou xxx

lynnie said...

welcome back to you too and thank you for your kind comment blog soon lynnie

D.M. SOLIS said...

What a nice day meeting neighbors, sharing who you are. Thank you.


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