Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It must be my Age

After a brilliant 50th birthday celebrated with friends I decided to get up early get a few things done before my guests awoke. First tread of the stairs and a few swear words later I find myself at the bottom, bruised just about everywhere and a very painful thumb and hand. After several ice packs and just as many cups of tea I am on the mend. If this is what getting old means you can keep it, I am off to buy a bungalow


Dawn said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday but sorry about the tumble. Emailed you earlier and then noticed your update! Take it easy x

lynnie said...

wonderful that you had a nice birthday but they say the new 50 is really 30 so you shouldn't be falling down just yet! maybe you should get rubber soled know the ones..they are made from tartan and come with a pompom ...[only kidding]lynnie

Anonymous said...

well Jules what are you like.......hope your not too bruised. hope you had a great birthday. xxxxx
P.s. its not your age, as I fell of the ladder when we moved house. duh.....I bruised all down one side and on my arm and on the mend too hun xxxxx

Simply H said...

Hello, oh dear sorry to hear about your little accident - hope you are on the mend now.
Thanks for your comments on my blog, glad that my blog and mollycupcakes brought back some nice Whitstable memories for you!
Helen x

nimblejacks said...

ooh sounds sore. I found 3 grey hairs today, they are wavy my hair is poker straight so there's no hiding them! Do I pull them out or not? :D

Lydia said...

Hello Jules,
Thank you for visiting my blog!
I love your blog!
Happy birthday, even though I'm a bit late in my wishes to you.
50 years old, your still so young!!!!!!
Have a great day!
If you don't mind I would love to place your blog link on my blogroll.
Have a great day!

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