Thursday, June 19, 2008

From Little Acorns "Oaks grow"

Well maybe not oaks, just a modest veg plot. I have finally cleared the ground next to the carpark and squeezed in four raised beds to try my hand at eating what I grow. I have for 3 years watched my neighbours here in France reaping the rewards of their hardwork, and secretly felt jealous as they walk past my gate with arms full of produce from their allotments. Often they would leave us a parcel of goodies like strawberries, cherries and courgettes. But now its my turn. It's early days but hopefully I should get something in return for the backache I have at the moment. So watch this space, appearing in a garden in Burgundy soon will be cabbage, broccolli, french beans and carrots to name but a few! Well fingers crossed. (That's GREEN fingers of course)


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jules, good luck with your vegetable garden, I'd love to have one as long as someone else did all the work on it!
Lucy x

Richard & Caroline said...

Love the garden Julie. Very jealous indeed as we enjoy the wind and rain of an English summer!
Our veg are coming along and we aremanaging success with potatoes and strawberries in particualr, soit cannot all be bad.
Love to all


cd&m said...

Mrvellous well done and the best of luck with the veg plot!
oh yes and we've moved our blog over here:

Hope you'll be able to visit sometime.

Mary said...

Hi Jules
Lovely to heat from you Hope your back isn't aching too much from all the digging! There is nothing nicer than picking it fresh from the garden so here's hoping it all grows well.

Miles Away In France said...

To avoid backache, next time use the digger or get Paul to do it, lol.

Well done, you will soon reap the rewards of your hard work.

Keep 23rd August free in your diary.

Racheal x

Louise said...

Hi Posh
Gregg and i have decided next year to have an allotment. Put some space in the garden to some good use. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

hey jules,
well ive been impressed with the pink bedroom and now the garden. we are currently renovating our garden, to give it some personality and I am finally getting my vegi patch. we are all like "the good life ". anyway its looking good your end.

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