Thursday, September 13, 2007

The search is on

I know its only September and here in sunny burgundy its 30 degrees, but I have a request from all you clever bloggers out there. Each year I buy a special christmas tree ornament for my daughters in memory of their father. This year I would like to buy and angel and I am wondering if any of you have anything suitable in your online shops, it would be great to buy something from one of the many blogs I visit as I admire all the wonderful things you make during the year. So over to you to help me in my search.


Mary said...

Thanks for the kind comments I hope you find a souper, douper Angel for Christmas

cd&m said...

We have some free standing angels coming into the Caton Darling and Moore shop next month. That is if our lovely Auntie manages to get them finished. Don't know if they will be the sort of thing your looking for but we'll let you know when / if they arrive(and I'm definetly hoping for the when because Auntie makes gorgeous angels).

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hope you find one!!

Miles Away In France said...

Lovely thought Jules.
Racheal x

heddy said...

Hi Julie,
I saw an angle yesterday.
Would be happy to send it to you.
Do you have an email address link?

lazylol said...

That is a lovely thing to do. I am also hunting for an angel too, so if I find anything, I will let you know.

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